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Our Roots

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

For those of you that I’ve never met, my name is Jeanni Miles. I am a wife to my husband, Trent, a mother to my sweet baby boy, Levi, and I work at a private Christian Academy closeby as a Campus Minister- Which essentially means that I spend my days pouring into middle and high school girls! It’s pretty cool.


Just a little about us, Trent and I got married in 2016. One short year later, we were given the opportunity to purchase his great-grandparents tobacco farm. The farm consisted of 17 acres of land, five barns, and the small farmhouse that his Grandpa Page built in 1950. While it seemed like a huge undertaking to renovate the house and to take proper care of such a large piece of land as a newly married couple, we decided that the opportunity was simply too good to pass up. In February of 2017 we began remodeling our new “old” home and in October, we moved in! Now, 3 years later, we feel like we have made this special piece of land our home.


And while much of our efforts over the years has been to make the inside of our home cozy and timeless, our priority has now been shifted to the outside. We want to revitalize the land, taking it back to its original roots- farming.

I would love to invite you to follow along as we embark on this dream. In the upcoming months we will be prepping the beds, planting bulbs for the spring, and diving into how to best represent ourselves at the local markets next year. Authenticity is something that I care greatly about. I want to let you in on as much of this process as possible. If anything, maybe me choosing to pursue my dreams (despite any hiccups that may come up along the way) will encourage someone else to pursue theirs. So, from here on out, we are in this together! Thank you for choosing to be a part of the journey!

Yours Truly,


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