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My Dream for The Harvest

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Just like Trent’s great grandparents were tobacco farmers, my great grandparents were also tobacco farmers- I think that is the story of a lot of people in our area. I can remember spending my summers with my grandfather out on the farm as a little girl. I would go with him to the tobacco warehouses to sell his crop, I would help him harvest the vegetables that he grew, and I would watch him work on his tractors. I loved my grandpa and therefore, I loved farming. When I was in the 8th grade, my sweet grandfather passed away. His land got sold and time that I was able to spend around a farm became non-existent. Sadly, as I grew older, time moved faster and I forgot about the peace and joy that farming brought me as a child.


Well since getting married and moving deeper into the country, I am now surrounded by farming again. A Lot of mornings on my way to work I will pass a tractor on the road traveling to a field that needs tending- and in those moments I am reminded of the simplistic life that my hardworking great-grandfather led as a farmer. I want that for myself. I want to spend my days working the land that sits right behind my house. I want to live outside with my family, giving life to seeds and bulbs. I want to show my son, Levi what it means to work hard with your hands and how it feels to see life come from the ground. I want him to giggle when at the end of the day, I roll up my sleeves and he sees my intense tan lines from working in the sun day-in and day-out. I am ready to revive the farm.


Ideally though, this won't just be a farm. It will be a place that is filled with beauty. I want it to be a location that people can come to who share my love for flowers. I would love to teach classes on how to take care of flowers and how to make floral arrangements. It would be my dream to host bridal parties and other groups of people who can come to the farm to cut their own flowers and then sit under beautiful hanging lights in the evening while enjoying fellowship and hot tea. While it is my dream to slow down and enjoy life on the farm with my family, I would never want to do it behind closed doors. I want everyone to be invited to join us.

I realize that I have a tall order in front of me, but I am so excited to work towards making it happen. In the upcoming months, it is our plan to build a shed in the middle of our field to serve as an area to host classes. We’ve gotten all of our spring bulbs planted already but as March rolls around, we will have many more bulbs and seeds to put in the ground. With that comes the need for more raised beds and running more irrigation. Obviously, there is a LOT to do- but we will get it done. And with that- The Harvest will come to life.

Yours Truly,


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