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Who We Are

Welcome to The Harvest! We are a family run cut flower farm in rural Caswell County, North Carolina. If you are unfamiliar with the term, “cut flowers,” it simply means that the flowers we grow are meant to be cut for decorative purposes such as vase arrangements and wreaths. We believe flowers evoke emotion. A fresh arrangement from a spouse can relay a message of love and appreciation. A bold floral centerpiece on your dining room table can bring a fun and vibrant atmosphere to the dinner time conversations. A bouquet of lilies might cause you to immediately recall your grandmother's backyard where you spent so much time as a child. It might sound cliche but flowers have power and we are here to share that with you!


Our Family

My name is Jeanni Miles and I guess you could say that I am the face of the Harvest- but I couldn’t do it by myself. My wonderful husband is the power behind it all. He moves dirt, tills rows, builds raised beds- he does so much. I heard a flower farmer refer to her husband once as her “dirt man”- Trent is absolutely my dirt man! And you can’t have a dirt man without also acknowledging our “dirt boy.” Our two-year-old, Levi, loves the dirt just as much as his daddy, he’s just a little more messy when he plays in it. Our dream of starting this flower farm was birthed out of a desire to be home as a family. Some of our sweetest afternoons are spent out in the field watering flowers as the sun sets behind us.  


While the focus of The Harvest is flowers, our biggest desire is truly to provide a safe environment to gather with friends. We love people and we want to share the peace of color in nature with the community around us. So please, give us a visit, I’m certain we will be sweet friends!

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